Notes on Runes

Type: Book

Title: None
Language: Dwarven (informal)

Status: This book was found, safe and intact, in a watertight, metal box in the underground lake beneath the temple. The box had been wrapped in chains and dropped into the lake.

The book identifies itself as being the property of Dourin Limestone, though it is written in a much less formal style than his other works. It lists his home as Midril Hall in the Black Mountains.

Contents: This is a study of the runes found throughout the underground city. Dourin presents himself as a linguist and as intrigued by the new language.

He posits that it is completely different than any Dwarven language with which he is familiar. However, it does identify his best translation of several runes. These runes are identified as those appearing most consistently throughout the runes.



— I am convinced, now, that the Mother of which these runes speak is not Shanais. Or, if it is, certainly not the same aspect with which all good dwarves are familiar.

For one matter, what tales I have been able to translate from the temple do not match those told by the Lore Wardens. I have found no mention of Shaintar, of opening pathways for the dwarves to follow; of the creation of humans; or the raising of the ascended (though her children are mentioned). There is certainly no mention of Targon. I know of no works, scholarly or otherwise, which do not at least make mention of the Sky Father and Great Maker when they tell of the Earth Mother and Life Giver.

Further, the runes seem to tell of a “tower,” and a task that the children must accomplish concerning this structure.

I am most mystified. —

Notes on Runes

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