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Log and Claimbook of Dourin Limestone
Notes on Runes
Schematics of Builder Weapons
Drawings of the Arcgate


Leandron Everwalk
Karrol Gessler
Netia Ott – deceased

Important Names:

Farrin Bearstrong – A dwarf who set out to establish mines in the Southern Range
Dourin Limestone – The Scribe and Accountant for Farrin Bearstrong
Whisperflip – Rakepick’s mother. She was separated from her sono when their hovel was burned. May be deceased.
Belissa of the Jade Flame – A Korindian and member of the Adepts of the Jade Flame. Leandron mentioned her as a resource who would be interested in the schematics of the arcfire devices.
General Gisela Breck – A general in the Olaran army. Her troops fought with Leandron during the War of Flame, but did not pursue the Kal-a-Nar into the Southern Range

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