Drawings of the Arcgate

Type: Drawing on Parchment
Language: Dwarven

Status: This piece of Parchment was well preserved, wrapped carefully in leather. It was found in the “Nest”.


There are drawings on both sides of the parchment. The first side is dominated by a drawing of the Gate to the underground city, drawn in fine detail, as seen from the exterior. The dwarven runes surrounding this drawing mostly concern the activation of the door. A diagram showing the symbols used to unlock the door are shown.

The opposite side shows the Gate, as seen from the interior. Here, the door is shown to a smaller scale with many portions of the walls and ceiling included as well. Notes concerning the application of force, the points where load is borne, and other weaknesses are made in great detail. These are explicit guidelines on how the gate could be collapsed.

Drawings of the Arcgate

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