Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband

harvest moon 32nd


Game day 3/20/2015. So true to form our session was delayed by nearly two hours due to intractability by certain members of the group. The kid seemed hell bent on assaulting the main gates. Even the Paladin told him that was suicide.

It was finally determined that Anton would get the wagon up to the city wall and light it on fire. Once it was on fire he would make his way over the wall on his own; it would appear he has a potion that will let him fly for a short amount of time. The rest of us were to wait for the guards to leave the wall on the south side streets and then using Hodor as an elevator scale the wall. That nearly worked as expected. Rake, Esska, Abe & I had made the top of the wall before we were noticed. As I thought our goal was to get into the city I jumped from the wall to a lower rooftop; and from there to the ground inside the wall. Abe, & Esska followed; Rake chose to attack the guards who had noticed us. Hodor managed to get the others to the top of the wall as this was happening; the paladin followed Rake and the kid followed the rest of us. On the ground Esska jumped out in front to scout the way; not knowing the city at all I was forced to follow. Hodor climbed the wall last. Once over he simply dropped back to the ground.

Esska noticed a dark figure running into a building in front of us; and started to slowly move past it. That same figure then jumped back of the building leaving the doors open and letting out a band of zombies. He tried to hit Esska; failed and was cut down by her counter stroke. The zombies themselves were quickly dispatched but at an expenditure of spell power which we will be hurting over later. We regroup and begin out trek to the church which as the center of town is our goal.

At this time Rake and Dimidiate are fighting the two archers on the wall and get led off out of sight by the retreat and fire tactics of the elves. After a bit Rake come up on us from the darkness telling us that Dimidiate is surrounded by zombies and what may be a caster. We backtrack to where Rake left him only to find that the zombies are dead and the caster is a prisoner. They quickly ask him where the winged ranger leader is and get told that Johan has him chained up like a pet. But not where, as that wasn’t really the question. We again start for the church.

Arriving at the central square Esska notices Anton on the far side waving at us from an alley. Attempting to navigate the alleys around to his position led nearly to disaster. He were found by Johan and the Golden Brinchie crossing the road leading to the main gates. The very fight we wanted to avoid at all costs. They had several archers, four elven spearmen, and swordsmen as well. And that was just the first wave. Some came in on us from behind and a third group came up on us from the church side of the main road. The group from the church side of the road had a caster in it as well as more archers.

Hodor, Esska, & Dimidiate advanced on the Johan group. Rake fled up the side street in their direction but out of the line of fire. Flanking maneuver I was informed later. I never noticed him again till the end of the fight. Abe & I advanced on the church group. As a rear guard action I was middling successful. I had my ass handed to me by every one of their fighters but managed to survive; mostly because Anton shot them from cover while they were distracted by me. I’m told the main fight was nearly a disaster. The Golden Brinchie and Johan both managed to evade any serious wounding by anyone who hit them. Then they quietly walked away when they were done with us.

Horns blowing off in the direction of the church forced us to abandon the fight. Abe and I were heavily wounded, some of the others had taken wounds but were given healing in the fight so they were more mobile than I was at this point. It was at this time that I first noticed that Anton had a friend tagging along with him. I still haven’t figured out how they hooked up but it would seem he is a friendly guard from the Steel estate. The guard led us through the city by alley ways to some warehouse he called Steel’s ‘but not on paper’.

It would appear that our initial assessment that all of the council are corrupt ‘may’ yet be incorrect. The elf woman Jules took full control sometime after we left for Farwatch. The guard does not know how but what she says must be followed by the other two. (At least from what he told us.) We were left there; he went to find his employer. An hour passed and healing attempts happened. As far as I know everyone is fully healed. He and a woman identified as Steel’s daughter return after a while. She assured us that Steel was still willing to uphold the oath to support the rangers’ charter which he signed. I can’t tell if he thinks the other human leader will but she seemed to think that some of the human guards from the other group could be neutralized in some fashion. The guard also mentioned that wagons had been moving around sense the fight. One looked like it contained Samael and his portal boxes. They were heading in the direction of the church. Which incidentally Johan commentated when he was named captain of the city guard. Yes that’s right the Red Store’s highest known operative in Greenvale is now the Captain of the guard. And the Rangers’ have been labeled as the ones who spread the plague. Fitting.

Rake was sent out on a scouting mission. He came back later stating that Johan had shot at him from the bell tower of the church. And that Jules is now there as well with a company of her personal guard. That would seem to be our next goal; but we now face even deeper odds than we did before. End of night.



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