Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband

Harvest moon 22nd - 31st

travel and intel

Game day 3/13/2015. We picked up with the start of the fight laid out in front of us; the two builders who had slipped away were being attacked by over a dozen humans and that dwarf I had spoken to a few days ago. It was clear from his commands that they were to be taken alive. We managed to take the dwarf alive and one of the humans surrendered to us instead of being crushed by Hodor. Both of the Builders were recovered alive and more or less unharmed. The bruises from the blows to the head should heal quickly.

There was a handy wagon that they humans had with them; I would think for the transportation of these builders that our now actually thinking of us as friends. Anton and Esska once getting a look at him recognize the Dwarf as “Clay” one of the red store gang who killed their leader in the rangers; an elf named Leandron. Clay and the human who is apparently just a hired thug were both shackled to the wagon for transport.

As he was knocked unconscious at the end of the battle the priest used his powers to draw memories from his mind. We learned that his leader; one Johan who the group told me is another one of the ones who killed their leader, is waiting for him to return to Greenvale the Rangers home base. We learned that Johan is working with some Shayakar witch for reasons which Clay was not informed of. Clay was asked if others were involved in the Greenvale mission, we received the answer that the elf sorcerer, the golden Brinchie, and the alchemist had their own mission but would likely be returning to Greenvale before his return. By this time the priest had spent all of his power and Clay looked to be waking from the blow to the head. At first we had thought to drop Clay off with the law in Serenity for his crimes against the Rangers; but on the trip back to town Anton realized that for once we have something over on the red store. We have one of theirs prisoner and they don’t know about it. We ran the wagon around town while Rake, the priest, and the paladin entered town to gather food and were rejoined on the west road to Greenvale.

Having passed Serenity on the 23rd we arrived back in Greenvale on the 30th in the late afternoon. As we don’t know what is going on here we left the wagon out of sight and the rangers returned to the headquarters on foot. We found the gates open, and no signs of activity in the courtyard. Rake wearing his new ring entered the garrison alone and scouted it out. Every building which had clothing or blankets was ransacked; all of the food stores were gone and the ranger’s new commander and flying elf called Zaro was nowhere to be found. His nest; which being in a tree is hard to get to is the only one which has not been trashed.

We entered the garrison and kept it as dark as we could. We set up shop in the cellar so that we could use the earth itself for insulation and locked our prisoners to a structural pillar. In an effort to learn what has happened here it was decided that some of the group should Head off to this builder cavern that I had heard of previously. The new builders were left with the main group. Upon arrival it was discovered that some sort of battle has been fought on this ground yet again. The friendly Builder Samael is gone; taken or killed it is unclear. He does seem to have given quite the accounting of himself; there are Arclance burst-fire marks all along the corridors of the cavern system and in the lowest chamber Anton found the remains of ‘his’ golem Jarvis. It had been cut in half at the waist and was only able to tell us in the briefest of terms that Samael was gone had had been for weeks. It did tell us that it was dark elf casters who did the assault. All of the arcmancy equipment which has been stockpiled here by Samael is gone; including three gate devices which Anton thinks might be functional by now.

Again we returned to the garrison; shortly after arrival sic ragged figures emerged from the twilight and requested admittance and food if we had any to spare. Some of them were apparently known to the Rangers. The Orc madam of a brothel and one of her girls seemed to be quite popular with Esska. Not sure why; I didn’t get told the reason. We learned from the orc that the members of the church of light had been set up in her establishment to create a hospital for the ill. Weaselman the Rangers retainer was with them giving what aid he could. Anton the priest and I decided to go into southtown and find these people. When I asked if anyone knew how to get to the brothel the priest who looks all of 10 pipes up with I’ve been there. After slapping him on the back; nearly sending him to the floor, I finally have something I can respect about the kid. The journey to the brothel was short and soon we found ourselves on the second floor talking to the higher ranking priest and shortly thereafter to weaselman. At first I tried to hang out in the corridor and listen to both conversations; in two different rooms but I was drawn into the one between Anton and Weaselman when he suggested he wanted to ask questions which did not need to be overheard. Zaro it is now known sent off letters to the rangers after we left Farwatch. Once within just a few days of when we left and the other just last week. Five days ago after several weeks of no contact with his wife and child Zaro chose to fly over the walls of the city; he has not been seen or heard of sense. Best case scenario is he is in prison for breaking the quarantine, worst is after he landed and was out of sight of the southtown skies he was murdered.

We have learned that the dwarven council members have both been exiled from the city; and that the two humans and the elf woman claimed that the city was to be quarantined for the protection of the city. The commoners seem to think the city is leaving them to die and rumor has it that the plague started in the southtown area. Southtowners’ claim that it started in the city itself so we have no real information there. There was an attempt to get intel by the priest by entering the city by way of a tunnel system that was known of by the rangers. When he returned he claimed that the voice of my old caravan boss Gandogar told him to leave the tunnels and if he did not leave it would be a one way trip.

Late evening of the 31st of harvest moon it was decided that Clay was too much trouble to remain alive; we had no secure way to hold him, not enough rations to feed him and the new refugees under our wing, and if he managed to escape we would simply have to face him again. While we were debating wither it is within the rangers’ charter to execute a prisoner for crimes he was involved with Hodor simply did it. Some did not like this. But it had to be done. We left the garrison in the hands of the refugees, told them to keep the hireling alive as he knows nothing but he was given coin for a job which went badly for him. We as a group reentered the tunnel system. We had been determined to breach the city and find the three council members to get answers. Both to wither they were being controlled; or if they had been supplanted by evil forces. This time Anton was given the vision of Gandogar. From the description after it sounds like Anton saw and spoke with him for some moments before the rest of us noticed he had stopped.

The gist of the conversation as reported is that Greenvale cannot be entered by the tunnel system; we would be in fact traveling to some reverse plane by way of the tunnels. That place dubbed ‘Greyvale’ by Anton is fully under the control of the void. There would be no return from that place. Again we were forced to retreat. This time we returned to the village streets to set up a watch on the walls. If we cannot go under them the only option left is over. Ladders and ropes have been recovered from the garrison and we set a watch to count patrols and gather routes taken. End of night.



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