Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband

8th harvest moon - 22nd

Game day 2/27/15. I arrived a bit late do to traffic so I missed some of the opening set up however we started in the small village where we had left the rest of the team while searching for the vampire. Of the villagers only something in the neighborhood of twenty four remained alive of a population of over two hundred. They didn’t take much convincing to pack up their kit and get back to civilization. The trip back to Farwatch took until the 10th around mid-day.

The stay in Farwatch was fairly short, we resupplied and cremated that poor dead magi. His effects are still with the group; they are on one of the pack mules. We found lodging for the refugees somewhere in the city and learned that the road from Greenvale was officially completed. There is a rumor of sickness in Greenvale.
We left on the 12th. On the 19th we arrived in Serenity. When we got into town the party split up to some extent. The religious types took off to the church to check in, and the rangers went off to their chapterhouse. Abe and I went to the dive. While I was in the bar there was another dwarf there who seemed to be hiring mercs. It seemed like he was talking about a site to the north seemingly near the ‘darkness tainted’ site that the group is looking for. I tried to go over and talk to the guy. Typical dwarf dark hair and armor. Apparently I looked drunker than I thought I was; he refused to even give me the sales pitch. He left as soon as I turned away from his table. I finished my drink left some coins on the bar top and followed him outside. He was walking north through town I followed to the nearest ally, stepped into it to piss then had Abe follow by sent. He walked up the street for a ways, turned right and stopped at another dive bar. Not wanting to be seen again I returned to the rest of the group. They didn’t seem to care that this guy was gathering mercs to go to something near our destination. We left town shortly thereafter.

Using my skills with maps and trails we made good time to the desired direction. We even managed to come across the visible traces of a fire’s smoke shortly after noon the third day. Rake and Abe went forward to scout the area; Rake using his new ’be small ring’ and Abe just there for backup. The source of the smoke was a small log cabin with an A-frame roof. There seemed to be four windows with shutters, one door and a guard outside near the door. Rake snuck up to the closest wall and scaled it to the window ledge. Looking inside he spotted four beds and three more humans, there were x-bows set up for each man and a bar that could be thrown to seal the door, but it was not in place. While he was doing this Abe sniffed at some of the trees more or less out of site if the door. He found dwarven smell as well as human smell.

Upon returning to the group Rake supplied what he saw and I supplied that Abe had noticed dwarven smells as well as the humans. The group decided to sneak up in mass, with three horses, and no one designed for stealth. On the side of the cabin there was a small stream, from this I was able to draw out some ice to power my damage field spell. We are now covered in ice spikes. As I am casting the first x-bow bolts come ringing through the group. No one is hit but the sneaking is clearly a failure. We spring into action at this point as we are on the far side of the house from the door; we had tried to approach from the chimney side.

I moved forward toward the house with Abe ranging out in front of me, he made it under the closest window long before I was even close. Most of the group was trying for the doors but that would be the long way; I cannonballed through the closest window. I must have surprised the guy manning that one as he took flying dwarf full in the face, one of my icicles buried itself deep in his chest and he never moved again. Abe followed through the window but was unable to jump on anything.

The fight at the door was raging; Esska managed to break the door to the point that the bar could be removed from the outside. Our paladin and priest prevented the retreat of their forces while Esska demanded their surrender. They refused and tried to knife the paladin. Of the four none of them managed to stay alive after that. Further examination of the cabin revealed a trap door under the bear rug in the center of the floor.

Opening the trap door to darkness the priest summoned his lightbulb power. Which allowed us to get down the ladder. Rake chose to give the ring to Hodor so that he could get into the cabin and into the room below. That room was rather large actually it was as wide as the cabin, and maybe three times as deep. While we were getting ourselves situated small orange lights became visible out in the darkness.

Those small lights quickly became visible as a group of zombies surged forward. Each had one of these orange lights in its chest and silver lines running all over its body. Anton later decided that the arc fire technique needed to make zombies was unusual and needed a tremendous amount of surgical work on each victim. While we engaged this threat a necromancer stepped up and cast against the priest. That spell seemed to have a massive effect, the boy was severely winded for the rest of the fight. Our paladin ignored all of the zombies in order to get to the necromancer faster, which might have prevented him from getting off any more really big spells. He did some casting but much of it was ineffectual after that first big one.

Being more overall targets this fight lasted longer than the first but the outcome was the same; no bad-guys survived us. In the rear of the chamber we discovered two dwarven looking creatures with red skin. Builders of course but I had never encountered them, that led to a discussion of how the group knows of them and letting the newest ones free. They seem to be non-hostile; they want to colonize the world not destroy it and reform it to their liking. They may like this Samael that Anton keeps talking about. We offered to take them back to Serenity as we were going that way and proceeded to destroy anything that was not being taken with us. We burned all of the corpses.

Back at last night’s camp we made dinner and set watches. During the third watch Anton noticed that the two had left; they had been there earlier but now they were gone. He woke me up and Abe and I picked up their trail fairly quickly. Gathering the group we followed this westward. When we met up with the road which was in that direction we heard fighting and saw our two builders and a bunch of humans going at it. That same dwarf from town was there leading the humans. That was the end of the night. Game time is early am on the 22nd of harvest moon for the start of the next game which may be two weeks.



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