Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband

7th harvest moon

Game day 2/13/2015. After much squabbling regarding the treasures recovered in the tower which amounted to a library of necromantic tomes and four die advances of gold and silver, the heroes commit the dead child to the flames; fed by the necromantic tomes. Seemed rather fitting really.

Anton, Hodor, and the paladin (all unavailable this week) were set to guarding the girl child back to her village and getting them ready to retreat to the larger city to the south. There were enough killed that the village cannot sustain itself any longer. Barely 20% of the residents survived the ghoul outbreak. The rest of the group tracked the vampire throughout the day. We traveled through the cracks and regained the road, but the trail never entered the village so he didn’t stop for a second late night snack. Once on the road he traveled for about a mile then fled south again into a wooded area. Near dusk we encountered a small clearing on the edge of a hillock. That hillock looked to have an opening behind some thorn bushes and as we were prepping ourselves to enter the opening the Troglodyte exited the cave. Abraham who had been sniffing near the bushes and Rake charged in and tried to hit the creature but didn’t do much but annoy it. It removed something from its hand (later to be discovered by Rake) and shape changed from a small troglodyte into a large troll. It then proceeded to crush everyone in its reach with a sweep attack. Abraham took three wounds from that blow.

Upon seeing his furry companion hit like this Sliv charged into the battle as well. Tossing a massive upper cut with his hammer into the cod piece of the monster. I know I did sizeable damage with the blow but the monster was able to soak all of the wounds. At this time the priest chose to turn into a light bulb. Which seemed to damage the creature. Rake used the distracted creature as a climbing surface to get higher ground on the hillock and then attacked it from above further confusing it. Esska lost control and started hacking at it wildly while Abraham backed out of its reach. Abe tried to knock the creature over several times but didn’t have enough strength to overpower it till at the very last he managed to jump high enough to bite its throat. The rest of us pulled back a bit and tried to heal ourselves. The Priest was mostly successful in this endeavor. Abe has one wound point left but everyone else is good. We then entered the cave itself to find a rather small area which appeared completely empty. Abraham started growling as soon as he entered the opening and I had him stay in the door while we tried to decide what was going on. Esska Thought she caught a slight shadow on one wall so she asked the priest to increase his light production; what emerged was a blast of pure sunlight, followed by an agonized scream and a burning smell from the rear corner. Followed closely by the invisible vampire turning to dust from the intense damage caused by the flash.

We have recovered his staff, which is magical. The twisted staff is not evil as far as anyone can determine but it does grant an additional parry bonus over a normal staff.
We have recovered the ritual spell book that was used to create the white silver resistant werewolf. (I still think this must be burned; I was outvoted.) And Rake recovered what has be determined to be a ring of shrink. This also has a secondary effect which sounds a lot like haste but I could be wrong. The senses get sharpened and the wearer’s movement seems to be increased.

We spent the majority of the night returning to the village; arrived after 3 in the AM. We slept a full eight hours to rest up some of the fatigued members of the group. The next game session will start there.



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