a brinchie thief in search of a history that might not exist


Rakepick, like all Brinchie, is a humanoid with strong catlike features. His face is vaguely pantherine, and his coat is primarily grey and black with markings of white along his back. He stands almost six feet tall, but he rarely stands straight up, preferring to crouch on his haunches, ready to leap in one direction or another. He likes high places to perch (preferably Hodor’s shoulder), and is not averse to a scratch behind the ears or a bowl of milk. From time to time he may enjoy a belly rub, but be careful; this may in fact just be an excuse to maul the shit out of you.


Rakepick grew up in the poorer sections of Centreport, living with his mother in a hovel wedged between a couple of buildings. He learned the finer points of light larceny, and after a day lightening pockets and an evening of slinking into people’s unoccupied upper rooms for shiny things to grab, he loved to settle down for the rest of the night listening to his mother’s stories of the Brin Empire. She was one fo the few people alive who knew the truth of the vast empire the Brinchie held, long ago before the ascension of humans. The problem was tat there wasn’t much information. The Brin used an oral tradition much more than anything written down, and most of the lore about this ancient empire has been lost.

Brinchie are not well-regarded. People fear their Norcan Darr. Rakepick would sometimes try to tell people how that very belief was mistaken; the Brinchie weren’t from Norcan Darr. They were from right here in Shaintar. In fact, time was they would have been your lords and masters, you crazy humans! Anyway, during a particularly virulent spell of xnophobia (perhaps stirred up by some preaching Camonites), a mob of ne’er do wells set fire to the pile of boxes and twigs and such that made up Rakepick and his mother’s home. He woke to being trapped inside, surrounded by burning walls and the roars of angry mobsters outside. While he escaped, he was so panicked he forgot to look for his mother until he was many blocks away. To this day he is unsure if she is alive or dead. He left Centreport to head out into the world and find more information about the Brin Empire and tell others. Within a couple weeks of that he had been captured by the Kalanar. Pbbt.


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