Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband

raining leaves the 10th

later the same day

Game day 12/12/2014. This week also started late due to scheduling issues. De thankfully had more players some with essence points to use. After the brief rest that was discussed the previous sessions end we returned to the underground temple. We decided to check the two doors we had not gone through the previous session. The door to the north as previously suspected was collapsed about half way down the corridor. The door on the right after a brief corridor broke off into a ‘y’ north easterly and south easterly. Surprisingly enough there was a lit lantern at the ‘y’. As we were trying to determine the reason the lantern was there a shabbily dressed man sized form stepped into the light and fired a crossbow at Whitman. Thankfully he missed. He then vanished into the darkness. He returned a few seconds later knocking over the lantern putting it out. He seemed to vanish into the NE branch at that time. We followed him down that branch only to fall subject to a pit trap. Esska fell some distance and was shaken by the landing. It took our paladin returning to the entrance and getting rope to recover Esska. While he was doing this the man reappeared at the ‘y’. Anton yelled at him about what he was going to do and he spun on the group and fired at the priest instead. Missing again. Whitman moved forward to the ‘y’ and saw the man running away. Trying a cantrip in an effort to trip him Whitman loosened his pants and dropped them round his knees. The tripping was successful; but the man simply loped away on all fours… Guess tripping a running werewolf isn’t that useful. After this we recovered Esska and jammed the pit trap closed. WE followed the NE corridor to the ending several hundred feet later. We located no doors or branches along the way and returned to the ‘y’.
The SE corridor wound around almost drunkenly. It may have been following an ore vain which had been played out in the distant past. It never seemed to change size it was always 20’x20’ but it did drop in elevation according to our dwarven alchemist. It eventually opened into that same underground pool that we had found earlier in the day. There was a door to the south that I think was not previously visible. There were two waterfalls in the room. One of which was running in reverse of all things. The downward one is suspected to be the same that we had walked through on the upper floor in the western tunnel.
The southern door was sheeted in gold the doors were engraved with a chalice. Suspecting that the werewolf was in this room we stopped long enough to meditative cast a few spells. Esska put up deflection and Whitman put up armor. When we opened the door we found a fairly large room with large glass collecting equipment along the ceiling. This would put us directly under the alter room with the drain holes in the floor. The tubing leads to a center location which had an earthen cup on a pillar. One of the glass pillars in the room which supported the tubing must have failed at some point. One section of the tubing had broken and fallen to the ground just inside the entrance. There were shelving units along three walls of the room, the shelves contained alchemical ingredients, scrolls, books, and fourteen ceremonial daggers.
There were also five werewolves in the room. This room also caused the holy types distress. They spent the entire fight having to make spirit checks. When they failed they took wounds. The werewolves themselves had the appearance of people on a mission. They were spread out with lanterns on several of the shelves and on the floor near the cup pillar. They at first seemed hesitant to attack us. Keeping back for a few seconds while we entered the room. They did advance at which point Whitman tried to blast the first one who moved. I hit but I didn’t get enough damage to kill it, once this happened the others were able to move closer. Esska tried to boost her strength, ended up mind burning herself. Neither the paladin nor the priest hit anything in that opening salvo. Anton took aim on the one Whitman hit but with his arc lance on full auto completely missed. There was a large white werewolf who didn’t seem to be interested in fighting. He hung back and after another bit of flailing on the heroes part ordered the others to retreat behind the shelving. At this point we were drawn deeper into the room which must have been part of the plan. The werewolves sprung out of hiding and knocked out two of the lanterns granting light. Whitman tried to use his lightning spell on the white one and another that was near the leader. All I managed to do was vaporize a section of the shelving and one of the glass support columns. More glass tubing rained down from the ceiling creating a greater mess in the center of the room. The werewolves again broke cover; and attacked. This time they seemed like they were trying to overwhelm the group but Whitman and Esska noticed that the white one was holding some kind of book. I tried unsuccessfully to knock it loose at which point that one broke ranks and fled towards the doors. I cast another lightning bolt; failing to wound the leader and Anton missed with his arc lance as well. It took a swipe at Anton on the way out the door but did not slow down. Another broke and followed the leader out. He was also missed by all. We killed the remaining three but Whitman instantly lost interest in the engagement as I fear that they got what they wanted. Yelling ‘bad dog stay’ at the one who he had just turned his back on to try to stop the leader’s escape Whitman started to leave the fight. The werewolf managed to hit me which stopped me after one step. This left enough space for the priest to get between and continue attacking it. That one was the last to fall. Esska dropped into a berserker rage at the end, impaling one of the werewolves and decapitating the other.
We all walked back out of the room and Whitman barked at Anton for not trying harder to stop the leader. Anton replied in kind.
As the werewolves, even wounded; are much faster than us on foot we didn’t even try to pursue. Once all of the team were out of the room Whitman and Anton both returned to the room to look for clues. On the east wall we found jars of alchemical ingredients. Some of which were still useable so Anton took those. The south wall had a scroll rack. It is all written in the same unknown language so Whitman took the five or six which looked to be the best preserved. The west wall had the book case. Whitman took the three books from that which also seemed to be the least damaged by time. As I was checking this Anton was investigating that cup on the pillar. He eventually picked up the earthen cup. It was very well made, even down to a structure in the grip which liked like a gemstone. But it was just clay. This cup disintegrated when lifted from the pillar.
With a keening wail a spirit was released from the pillar. Seeing this Whitman used his cone of cold to hit the creature and the pillar. I hit doing two wounds on a creature that used three bennies to soak… It tried to touch Anton and failed then started retreating towards the south wall. Anton blasted it with his arc lance destroying it. At this point the two holy types felt the unholy taint vanish.
We do not know how this creature was chained to the temple, or how it was evil but results are good. When we returned to the entrance we were informed that the two werewolves who escaped us and a third who was above managed to evade our rear guard. This was effectively the end of the night. There was a bit of book keeping but there isn’t anything from that of interest. The temple was closed again.



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