Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband

Raining leaves 5th - 10th

ended early morning

Whitman Chyry the grey ranger was dispatched from Kythros to build up the reduced ranger ranks in Greenvale. As he is a sorcerer he was also tasked with studying the nexus under the mountain when it is excavated. The friendly builder Samael is leading the team doing that work. It is far from complete when Whitman arrived two weeks prior to this date.

All of the rangers from Greenvale except Captain Zaro made the journey back to Anvil to bury Gandogar in his family crypts. They were due to return on or about the 5th when the session started.

Also new in town is a Paladin of light; he seems to be there to assist the young priest. However there is also an older priest who seems to have taken up the church, so young priest may be out of a job. The paladin had a vision the morning of the 5th regarding a source of darkness outside of town in the direction of Serenity. As he had nothing else to do Whitman joined the pair of light workers on their day trip.

When we arrived we found that the returning rangers had fallen into some kind of trap. They were at the side of a pond apparently fighting fish that were connected to vines. The Paladin immediately identified the creature as darkspawn and we joined the fight. During the fight a wolf creature leaves its den near the side of the pond, it has spines like a porcupine so it is also darkspawn.

into this fight Hodor the ogre; who has been missing for months returns to the world thinking only an hour or two has passed. The newly reformed group kills off all of the fish things, and destroy the eggs in the bottom of the pond then return to town.

During the return trip Hodor announces that there are more dark sources that he has sworn to destroy, when we reach the HQ and get maps he points out one near us and two others near other ranger outposts. The following morning after getting a guide from the local fay leader we set out in search of the dark source that Hodor is talking about. The journey takes three days during our night watches it would seem that we are being watched by something that is low slung and long; seemingly a wolf maybe… The morning of the third day we think we are close to the source and split off into groups to search around. Hodor and Anton find a depression in a hillside which sparks their interest, After removing some leaves and other junk we find a pull ring which Hodor grabbed and pulled on. It is a large slab of stone, which required a pulley system to remove. Under this is our source of darkness, the Priest casts a summoning, creating two ‘kids with lights’ who promptly refuse to go into the hole. What is it with Priests and kids!?

That was the end of the evening. The summoning was done meditatively so the summons will stay around for a while, while he was doing that Esska and Whitman also cast deflection and armor on themselves. Meditatively of course; both with raises if I’m not mistaken.



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