Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband

6th harvest moon


Game day 1/30/2015. From the journal of Sliv one-eye; 6th of harvest moon. I have been traveling south for a few weeks now. Lord Dranak has told me that the area known as the cracks is overrun with darkness. I have been trying to determine exactly where for a few days now and today at dusk from a nearby ridge I heard the rapid report of some kind of energy weapon. By the time I got to the location I thought the sounds were coming from there was no movement to be seen but I was able to see a rather large tower with lights coming from the ground floor and from the windows at the top floor.

I approached the tower carefully and entered it shortly after a massive booming noise came down from the top floors. Just inside I encountered an unexpected person; my cousin Anton from Anvil. At first he didn’t recognize me, must be all of the travel dust; but once I identified myself he lowered his creepy spear thing and we started running up the stairs to get to the upper floors. Abraham thought it was quite fun, bouncing round in circles and slobbering on just about everything.

Unfortunately the tower was quite tall and being Dwarves the fight was effectively over by the time we arrived. There were the corpses of quite a few werewolves strewn about and one or two magi who had been killed; one of which is apparently on the ground having been pushed off the building by the paladin in order to try to stop some kind of ritual. Losing one caster apparently failed to stop the spell, the remaining three were able to continue. From what I was able to learn after the battle was over there was one werewolf who had been ensorcelled so that white silver no longer effected it. The magi’s who escaped took the book of spells which this ritual came from with them when they flew away. They can replicate the ritual in the future with a properly prepared alter and more white silver. There was some sort of broach that the priest was very interested in, up until it turned to dust and blew away on the breeze.

My old pal Hodor from Anvil is with the group as well. We will likely spend much of the night talking about old times and girls we once knew. I may have to share my pipe to stop Anton from ranting over some alchemist who got away from him. It turns out he was the cause of all of the shooting noises I’d heard at dusk. Anton hit the guy a few times but due to distance and plenty of healing potions the other guy was able to get away. There is some mention of a ‘Golden Brinchie’ trying to stab Anton in the back as well.

The priest was awfully interested in the belongings of some red robed magi on the floor below the top of this tower, it seems that he had been a team mate of the group as he is wearing the cloak of the rangers. He is beyond helping, it looks like he caught an explosion with his face.



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