Log and Claimbook of Dourin Limestone

Type: Book

Title: Log and Claimbook of Dourin Limestone, Scribe and Accountant of Farrin Bearstrong
Subtitle: In which the company establishes new mines in the Southern Range
Language: Dwarven

Status: This book is badly damaged. Much of it is unreadable or lost. It is also segmented into 4 pieces, which were gathered at various times.

Claimbook Part 1 – Found in the broken room
Claimbook Part 2 – Found in one of the dormitories
Claimbook Part 3 – Found in the “Nest”
Claimbook Part 4 – Found on a ledge in the vertical shaft leading up from the ceiling of the broken room.

Once all parts are gathered, they can be pieced into the following order: Combined Claimbook

Log and Claimbook of Dourin Limestone

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