Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband

Raining leaves 10th

Game day 11/28/2014. The game night started late due to scheduling conflicts and only three players made it. The paladin, the priest and Whitman entered the opening about 10 am on the morning of the 10th of raining leaves. The priest made the determination that this complex may be one thousand years old. The large room that was directly below the hole was roughly square with eight pillars in the center. It had four exits in the primary directions the one to the south had the most decorations on the bronze doors. The doors were carved; the left one was a warrior in full armor sword laid across his palm, the other was a fey in robes with fangs. The paladin determined it was a vampire based on his rolls.

When we opened this set of doors we discovered rank upon rank of armored forms standing at attention. Four columns seven ranks deep. When we crossed the threshold Whitman looked into the visor of the closest form and learned it was skeletal. ‘Nobody touch nothing.’ Less than a second later the priest is pawing at one of the shields to attempt to discover its heraldic device… All hell broke loose at this point.

Whitman was able to retreat closer to the door from where he had moved once at that location he cast a spell destroying the three in a line closest to him. The other two were not so fortunate. Neither managed to move before the skeletons animated and were surrounded instantly. Whitman too was partially surrounded, but managed to slowly retreat towards the doors flinging offensive spells and casting armor on himself in that second round of combat. Jokers are great. Once the armor spell was up Whitman began casting towards his partners frequently. It was the best way to catch the most skeletons in his area of effect. Using the selective application saved the party last night. That fight was brutal and perhaps we should have returned to the surface but I didn’t want to.

After some healing was accomplished; we set out south again. The east wall of the room had a mural depicting a forest, which became plains, then farmland, and a happy village, then the happy village was sacked and became a bloodbath by the south wall. The west wall mural depicted the same imagery however it was a forested fey village not a human one. At the far end of the chamber we found another set of doors; the same two figures were carved into them but this time they were kneeling facing the opening; clearly in obeisance to whatever lay behind the doors.

The doors when opened revealed another room of similar proportions with a stair leading near the center and slopped floors running towards what can only be described as drains in the center. On the far side was a massive alter; it took up maybe thirty foot of the room. Behind this was a mural of some massive being cloaked in red with dripping fangs, and claws. Smaller beings in the mural depicted the races of darkness worshiping at his feet. Both the paladin and the priest were visibly upset at this image and we were forced to leave w/o examining the room further. Upon closing the doors Whitman noticed that the inner side of the doors were carved as well. The warrior on the inside is replaced with a werewolf. One can only surmise it is the same being.

Upon returning to the main room we advised the men above that we would be continuing on and chose the west doors. These led into a corridor which went straight for some ways. About half way down there was a man-made waterfall draining from the ceiling into a grate on the floor. Whitman used his spell casting ability to keep the torch alight as he passed through the falls, the others seemed to be harmed by the water. Past this was a circular hole in the floor with an old rusty ladder leading down. Thankfully it wasn’t deep as none of us made the climb rolls. There was a passage from there that was northerly in direction. Following that it turned towards the east and continued further then exited into a thirty by twenty chamber with a spiral stair leading up and a door facing south. When we passed through the door we found a massive underground pool with what seemed like a ledge along the east wall of the chamber. At this moment the priest was grabbed by a werewolf and held at sword point as it asked how many of us there were and why we were in its domain.

Seeing one of his party held captive Whitman cast another spell missing both; the werewolf and the priest. The werewolf simply moved too fast for the spell to connect. And the priest took a cut which while painful was not life threatening. Moving into the door frame Whitman used another spell and devastated the werewolf in one blow. At this time it was apparent that we had to abandon the search. We tried the staircase, it led to a collapsed corridor facing south. We were forced to backtrack to the ladder and then the waterfall again. Upon reaching the surface we had the members of the team seal the hole and took a breather to regain some essence as both Whitman and the priest were nearly spent.



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