Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband


raining leaves 10th - 15th

Game date 1/2/2015. The group spent some time arguing wither or not we could track flying werewolves… Seriously? They got away get over it. After that we covered up the depression where the plug was found and headed back towards town. After about four hours of marching we stopped for the night only to be surrounded by elves who clearly didn’t like that we were there at all. We managed to talk them into camp with the idea that we are all fighting the same people and shouldn’t be fighting ourselves. Course while talking to their leader Whitman used the term mistress when referring to the elf woman who is in charge of Greenvale. Only to get the most evil I’m going to kill you look from that very leader. (I was told later in the session by one of the other elves that at one point they had been an item, quite the problem as he was married at the time. Hey if the shoe fits wear it.)

While we were talking about the temple we spoke of the books and scrolls that I had removed from the library area; the elven magi took them and examined their pages. Two of the scrolls were apparently recruitment propaganda by the Shaya’Nar Empire during its first age. Those were fed to the fire as not being relevant. One of the scrolls seemed to be a listing of sacrifices made to particular lords and by which lower ranking members of the Empire. There was a book regarding the Shaya’Nar philosophical beliefs regarding how the races of darkness came to be, and there were other books which really didn’t get much discussion.

The following morning we led the elven patrol back to the temple watched as the elven mage opened it with a levitation spell and were given two escorts to leave the elven forest with. Apparently the human guide is not really liked much by the local elves as he will work for anyone willing to pay him. (Big deal.) The second day after leaving the temple we encountered an old deadfall with a cabin built up against it. Our paladin found it because of his detect evil ability. Once inside we found millions of flies, a dead body on a bed and covered in vomit, and some bad food on the table. With some searching we located some elven poetry, a diary, and an elven everwood bow. Our guides said to burn it so Anton built a bomb which he set off and engulfed the cabin in flames. We watched the flames for about an hour then left the site. It was during this part of the trip in which the guide told the group of how Whitman had insulted the elven leader by using the mistress term. I actually found it rather comical and may continue to do so if I ever meet this guy again.

The following day we managed to return to town. Our guides left us at the boarder of the forest and we stopped at the ranger HQ to report in. While we were there Whitman spent some time examining the bow I had located. It is Everwood just like my staff, and heavily carved with geometric patterns and lines. Upon magical examination it was determined to have magical properties as well. All range penalties are halved; range 18/36/72. 2d6+1 D6 minimum strength, and D8 minimum shooting die to use. As we have no other archers in the party Zaro was given the bow. (To jokes that Whitman was trying to bribe his new commander.) The priest and the paladin returned to town to report to their superior. None of the rangers attended that meeting.

The next morning the rangers returned to the mountain cave where Samael the builder is cleaning out the rubble. He has repaired many of the worker golems to help him rebuild the area. He has also located quite a collection of builder gear. Some of which is now set strategically in the tunnel system. Anton was able to gain more ammo for both his arc lance and his pistol. And Samael seemed sure that at some point we could get the portal functional again to try to recover Alphie who as far as we know is still lost. The morning of the 15th the religious members regrouped with the rangers to decide what our next course of action was to be. We decided that the ‘nexus of evil’ near Farwatch would be our next trip. The religious ones are convinced that they can find more than just our dark nexus there but they really made no sense when they were talking about it. That was the end of the session, the equipment gathering will be done by e-mail as no one likes doing that at the table. The group leaves by the north road the 16th.



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