Shaintar J&L The Shattered Warband

Ghouls through the cracks (5th-6th Harvest Moon 3123)

Odwyn ' s journals

We faced ghouls on the road to the cracks including a flesh render. A pack mule was slain and the wounds we received burned with some form of contagion almost immediately, but the healing light of Archanon cleansed the affliction. We burned the bodies and the mule before making haste to the village a half day away. As feared the village is nearly gone, victims to what came through the cracks. More ghouls came in the night. During the battle a trog broke in and stole a baby despite our best efforts to save her. We must wait till dawn to pursue the tracks. This was not the first infant taken. I pray we find them before it is too late. A local lass Wren volunteered to track the trog who took her infant sister and brought us to a lodge in the cracks nearly a day north of town. We found a passage shrouded in illusion of a stuffed grizzly bear. Passing through we encountered the red store agents. I was tasked to protect Wren while the others pursued. The grey ranger sorcerer Whitman was slain in the fight. The red store golden brinchie and alchemist Errol escaped for now. As soon as the other rangers return, paladin Dematadi and I will continue pursuit to rescue the stolen babies and deal with the red store agents.

By the time I finished bandaging Eska’s wound the others returned from chasing Errol and the golden brinchie which once again eluded us. The mage they fought near the top of the tower initially survived the fall and remained pinned to the ground by Dematadi ’ s blade. I attempted to tap his mind and saw a jumble of images; including a foreboding grey skinned man, rangers and the mage all fighting zombies, and the broach handed to a white furred claw. His mind was as fragmented as his body and I failed to learn their purpose here. Moments later a dwarf with a large dog appeared in the entryway, apparently a distant relative of Anton. There was a loud thud from the top of the tower and I ran to join the others who had found a hatch to the roof and engaged more foes. Upon discovery the foes began a terrible dark ritual which we failed to prevent. The broach and other white silver objects were turned to dust by the ritual and the white werewolf gained immunity to white silver. Upon reaching the battle, I could feel the light inside me grow to face the challenge. For the first time I became the light as a wave of light pulsed out and turned two werewolves to dust. The white werewolf was crushed by the ogres massive strength where white silver had no effect. A vampire and the trog that stole the baby escaped with the book and flew away. Dematadi reported the death of the baby to Wren who took it hard. I pray she finds strength in the light, for without her courage leading us here would have left the enemy unchallenged and the ritual a secret.


On the bright side the elven sorcerer was slain while trying to repel down the side of the tower.
one down far too many to go.


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